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You know when you have one of those friends or know someone and you just walk in his room and its like a fuck*ng sci-fi cinema with all the top gadgets

Top geeks are very protective over their equipment and will not allow others to use, borrow or handle it.

They are often anti-social and can spend days on end in their room looking at websites such as

Top geeks can often drain electricity with all their carbon technological equipment. Equipment will always include silly "gadgets" such as a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, a media PC, sat-nav etc etc.. Always bragging about the "new" this and that and is often buys just because of the brand e.g. Apple wow there so technologically advanced

To summarise. I think we could say a top geek is just a geek but is really on top of the game.

Top geek essentials:

Media PC
Wireless keyboard
Microsoft fanatic
Apple fanatic
Web based management system
Wireless everything
Torrent sites
Strobe lighting
by Top JiZzA December 11, 2008
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