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The South-West's biggest hip-hop night, apparently (it wins by default, being the only competitor). For those who feel they need some edification on how much a series of strangers don't care for the opinion of people who might criticise them, or some vague philosophy from the aforementioned, with reference to mostly-imagined hardships in their past, it's a fun night out.

Manages to snare many students once, sometimes even twice, before they realise that paying £5 to stand in an empty room whilst a bunch of kidults in oversized clothing 'spit' about the difficulties of growing up on the English riviera is simply not fun.

Most events take place in the bus-stop-cafeteria-that-thinks-its-a-nightclub (White Rabbit), where visitors can enviously watch crowds of people leaving the bus-stop they feel obliged, having paid, to spend some time in.
"Did you go to that Top Billin' night?"
"What was it like?"

"Want to come to Top' Billin' with me tonight?"

"Boom! Come Top' Billin', this shit is fire famalam!"
"Talk properly, you sound like an idiot."
by Illy_HipHop_Famalam October 21, 2011
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