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The shallow, unimaginative, morons who only listen to top 40 chart music, and live with the weird belief that popularty equals musical talent.

You can spot these complete and utter wankers from a mile away. In America they would usually be Jocks and Preppys, in Britain, they are usually middle class chavs. Generally anybody who follows trends like a religion in order to gain friends, and because they are too stupid to think for themselves.

Whenever a new song (usually some god awfull corporate pop or radio friendly psuedo hip hop) reaches a high possition in the charts, the Top 40 Brigade will play it through their tinny mobile phone speakers for around 2 weeks, after that the song becomes "old", and therefore crap in their eyes.
Top 40 Brigadier: Hey listen to this new song by (insert generic mainstream crap here).

Intelligent person: That is total garbage.

Top 40 Brigadier: Shut up man, it must be good if it got into the top 40.

Intelligent person: Top 40 is nothing but corporate bullshit telling what to think in order to make more money. Now you can continue to listen to that all you want, but im going to listen to some Led Zeppelin.

Top 40 Brigadier: Who the fuck is Led Zeppelin, they sound like some emo band.

Intelligent person: How dare you *punch*, take that you stupid Top 40 brigade cunt.
by Oh that dog of mine August 08, 2009
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