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A British Actor who is known some what trough out YouTube as Timelordfromhell or his prevously closed account gallifreyrebel. He mosty known for his own Doctor Who series and his crazy blogs. He started filming in 2004 with his friend Thomas Rees Kaye and an uneditable camera. His professional acting work includes:
Totally Doctor Who as a Presenter, A Christmas Carol (play) as Ebenezer Scrooge, Craig Kelly's T.V. Pilot as a Schoolboy, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince as Young Lucius Malfoy and an Extra, Parents of the Band as a Schoolboy, Jekyll and Hyde Play as Lanyon, and Rise of the Omen (Another Remake) as Damien.
A few lines from one of his earlier filming in 2004:

Tony Coburn: "Mycell what have you done?"

Thomas: "Smashed it."

Tony Coburn: "You made it Fuss"

"Not Again, Mycell you vandal."

"Mycell stop it!"

Thomas: "All Right now you can kick it"

Tony Coburn: "Stop it"

Thomas: "Well Go on kick it"
by Trockfan June 16, 2009
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