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A single digit bar tab.

When your're to cheap to spend over $10 on drinks at a bar/nightclub. Bar tabs that are usually $4 because you casually sip on your drink for 6 hours like a pussy.
Exp. 1
"Hey Pete, look CS has got a Tommy Tab going tonight!"

"What a cheap son of a b--ch he is."

Exp. 2
"Look Tommy's gotta another one of his Tommy Tabs going."

"What is it tonight?"

"$4 dollars and he tipped me two."

Exp. 3
"Gertrude, I'm not going out with that guy anymore"

"Why's that Sally?"

"He did not buy me any drinks" and his bar tab was $2

"Ohhhhh he had a Tommy Tab!"

"Yes, what an ass."
by creedhtrcarry March 10, 2013
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