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Italian American slang for a closeted homosexual, usually with acute control issues, propensity for backstabbing and a gross lack of introspection. This is a personality type who usually gravitates toward the Clergy, Youth Counseling, Middle Management or some paramilitary leadership positions. At first glance, a Tomasetti will seem like the run of the mill overachiever. However, the afflicted will, without fail, demonstrate glaring inaccuracies that the Tomasetti's cohorts will be forced to clean up, rectify or take the blame for. A Tomasetti may also be identified by wide set eyes often being confused with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Bro: Dude, did you work with the new shift supervisor?

Dude: Yeah, Bro, what a fucking Tomasetti!! That fucking doucheloaf didn't do dick all last night and then told the day shift supervisor that he did all the work! Asshole cost me a write up!!

Bro: Dude, that's beat!

Dude: Yep, he's a true Tomasetti. sta mingia!!...AND, cat sports a wedding ring but I KNOW he sucked off Travis at the jawns last week!!

Bro: 'ts fucked, Dude
by The Lariot July 28, 2013
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