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Tomas is an amazing guy that cares about everyone. He is loving and amazing! nothing and no one can compare to my baby! Tomas is every girls dream. Tomas is caring and loving but most of all considerate. He thinks about peoples feelings and he actually cares.His sweetness is out of this world! Nothing compares to it! And also his face. Now Tomas's face is something that will blow you away! It's so handsome and perfect. But the thing that is most amazing is his smile. That smile can brighten up anyones day with a matter of seconds. When he smiles it feels like eveything in the world is okay. Nothing is wrong it's just you and him and that moment. And then we get to his personality! Tomas is the kind of guy with an outstanding personality! The first time you talk to him you will walk away and just be in shock that someone could be that amazing! And you will definitely lose yourself when you talk to him. It feels like 10 minutes passes but really it's an hour. The best thing is when he holds you in his big strong muscular arms! A million things will run through your head. But the biggest one is happiness. That's what he brings everyone everyday every hour every second! Now love..That is one thing that he is CRAZY good at Making a girl fall in love. Some phone calls some conversations hanging out a little and then BANG! You are sitting in your room talking to him all night literally and you realize Damn I love this guy. Tomas is amazing and will always be loved.
Tomas K.O Amazing, Handsome,Boyfriend
Tomas K.O will ALWAYS be loved by Alicia

Tomas K.O is little

Sometimes when I'm sad I think of Tomas's K.O smile, and it brightens up my day.
by Girl_in_love 9-8-12 April 02, 2013
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