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A loud, conceited, spoiled, and self-centered woman who holds an honest belief that she is the single most important concern of all those around her. This belief persists despite the obvious fact that she is unattractive, annoying, and despised by the majority of those around her. The term derives from the Disney franchise amusement park located in Japan, as both the amusement park and a female Tokyo Disney represent things that you never cared about, but are immediately irritated by once they appear.

While similar in terms of self-esteem, a Tokyo Disney can be distinguished from an ordinary bitch by the level of conceit and amount of effort invested in convincing others that she is superior, more attractive, and more intelligent than her peers.

Tokyo Disney-type women are often found on reality television shows. The chances you will find a Tokyo Disney on any given reality program are inversely proportional to its intellectual content and level of challenge.
That plain-looking girl kept telling me how huge her tits were in between stories of how high a mark she got on her last exam. I think she might be a Tokyo Disney
by Disnee55 November 13, 2010
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