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It is a sexual position that involves one man and two women (preferably, but not exclusively, Asian and/or prostitutes). The first woman goes down on the man, while the other is providing a seductive salad tossing. The man will make *Chop Chop* hand motions while also making racist comments. The woman in front then pulls the cock from her mouth, and gently blows across the man's taint to signal to the second woman that it's time for the next move. The second woman steps back a sec, and produces an antique oriental fan as she lights a cherry blossom candle. She blows the faint, floral aroma towards the man to enrich his senses as he ejaculates to put out the candle.
Strokiko and Ayumi decided that Fassy Shark deserved a Tokyo Blowback. But, since they did not have any cherry blossom candles handy, they decided it would have to wait.
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