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This was a drink I created while trying to find a way to cure a really bad headache and give me a little boost of energy in the mix. Note when I created it I had limited options but it turned out that the combination of the two items I used just fix the taste so well. Toejam Cocktail consists of: 1 8.3oz can of Sobe Adrenaline Rush and 2 white packets of BC powder(2 comes in one regular pack) (Like I Said Limited Choices)Pour both packets in the can and let it sit for a few seconds then drink up. This combination works great for a quick headache relief with a little added pep to get through the rest of your day. But the reason I gave it this unique name is because both products have the distinct taste of someones foot. Due to the fact the name had to be used in full force which is why I'm posting it here so I can spread the word.
Enjoy your Toejam Cocktail Mr.Bond.
by Anthony Kourmoulakis April 18, 2008
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