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Name for an African-American male who tries to use "diversity" or "equal employment opportunity" policies to get a job regardless of their qualifications, or one who tries to play the race card to intimidate or influence others. From the Jedi Knight "Obi Wan Kenobi" of Star Wars and his famous "Jedi Mind Trick," where he fooled the Stormtroopers by telling them "These are not the droids you are looking for."
Black Guy: "I should apply for a job at that new restaurant. I see they ain't got any brothers workin there yet."

White Buddy: "Slow down, Toby Wan Kenobi. You got fired from your last three food service jobs. Maybe you should look into work you are actually qualified for."


Cop #1: "I pulled over this beemer for doing 70 in a 50, and the driver was this wealthy-looking black guy. He had the nerve to accuse me of profiling, even though he had tinted windows, and I didn't know he was black until after I pulled him over!"

Cop #2 "I hate when they turn into Toby Wan Kenobi."
by Bructus December 06, 2010
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