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Featured on an Episode of the Dog Whisperer-
A border Collie named Sandra, suffers a great fear of toasters. Her owners call the famous Cesar Milan to help their border collie, because they miss having toast, bagels, and frozen waffles in the morning.

A toastless hell in an uncomfortable and carb-less place to be. IF your dog or cat or any other domestic pet such as a child or a husband suffers a phobia of toasters either get rid of said pet and save the two grand spent on Cesar for a really nice toaster, or a more complicated choice, move said toaster to another room. The choice is yours.
Dude- " God Im so hungry"
Dude #2- "Dude why didnt you eat breakfast?"
Dude- " I wish, My border collie is afraid of toasters and thats all we had this morning"
Dude #2- "That sucks."
Dude- "Welcome to my Toastless Hell"
by A faithful Fan September 27, 2009
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