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1. When a person has no second thoughts about performing an awkward social action, where the normal person would have to psych himself up for the experiance.

2. When a person does the same, but with a physically painful or difficult action, again with no forethought or mental preperation.

3. In simpler terms "Toasted Loins" is often used in place of "Badass". Not entirely correct as "toasted loins" is more a result of extreme social training, or in the physical aspect, being kinda thick.

4. Meaning comes from the idea that if your balls are all hot you get reckless an antsy. If you toasted them (omg ow) therefore, you would do anything.
1. "wooah, Rob just went up to that guy and laid him out straight. Did you see that?! He's got toasted loins, man."

2. "Man, punch that wall."
"holy hell man, you'r loins are toasted!"

3. (INCORRECT USEAGE) "He just beat up that guy, he's so cool, his loins are toasty!"
by BigBadBad March 22, 2009
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