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toastalitus is a rare eating disorder in the preparation and eating of toast. the duration of the eating of each peice of toast must take as long as prepartion,

common slang names for someone with toastalontus is known as a toasty or toast tart or a tallulah.

the physical attributes are big heads and the ability to cry on demand how ever psychologicaly they are an insecure minority who become compulsive liar and cleptomanics, commonly stealing from family members in most cases the older sister. they are a jealous bunch who are unloved and threated to run away due to this laco of compassion towards them.

there own eating disorder is aggravated further by being second best at everything and never comparing to older sisters. whom are smarter and far more attractive. they become sheep and try act like those who they aspire to be like but can never pull it of, this is where they alleviate stress by the presentation of there toast.

usualy spreading carefully covering the entire side of bread in a topping or two. unfortunatly due to anxiety and low self asteem they burn the toast. and try to hide it by smothering extra toppings and spraying the odd bit of febreeze in the surrounding environment.
tallulah your toastalitus is really bugging me, hurry up and eat it before i do, slow coach
by toasttart November 10, 2009
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