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To do a Thind is the process of one gentlemen inviting his or her fellow peers out to a party when the chances of getting in are very unlikely. If a miracle does happen and the Thind (otherwise known as an Alexander) gets his or her friends in, the Thind will drink too much and end up throwing up in a corner, or spend the vast duration of the night skanking half naked, by himself with the occasional girl staring in disgust. After trying to flirt with girls he has no chance with, the Thind will get with an extremely fat, potentially physically ill girl as a result of being turned down by the more sane girls. The next morning, the Thind will stumble to his computer and add every single person at the party, whether or not he or she had even met them. One completes the action of doing a Thind by talking to all the people of which he has added on facebook, with the hope that one will acquire yet another "hard night", so the process can be repeated. It is rare for the Thind to find another party, because due to his overly keen chats, they will become freaked out and consequently try to avoid him or her.
Guy: blud, did you see that wasteman skanking half naked, throwing up, and on that bare fat girl?

Girl: yeah I know, he added me on facebook asking for a party

Guy: yeee bruv I kno, I reckon he is going to do a Thind for the rest of his life
by TheHairyGreekWoman July 02, 2011
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