1) A women with large titts. She has big boobs and a large sex appeal. Useally appears to be not too smart, but sometimes is really a tricky intelegent bitch. (Made famouse from the movie Anchorman and the Anime Desert Punk, although it has been around long before that.

2) Mr McGee's(yes that blind guy's) wife with larget breast.

3) Slang for breast or titties
Guy : Hey there Titts McGee how's it hanging
Tits Mcgee: Shut up! *punchs the guy*

Mr. McGee : is that a melon I'm squeezing? I'm blind and act stupid for gags to make money in all these retarted movies
Tits McGee : Well some people call these things melons... I refere to them as...something else

Horny Guy: Would you look at the Titts McGee on that one!

by Mike Prede March 20, 2008
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