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Tittle E do will be your little companion. You will not like him/her in any way but they will still be your best friend. It will be with you all of the time even when you are alone. The Tittle E do will set on your shoulder or on the toilet paper stand in the bathroom. He will even perch on the end of your pen when you are writing in the middle of class or at work. You will hate the Tittle E do but you will never get away from him. You are his everything but to you he is nothing.
Sally- "I don't know what a tittle E do is but I know that I have one and it follows me everywhere."

Mike-"I have a tittle E do also, but I do not know it's name or where it came from, but I know that it is there all of the time."

April-"Yall over here talking about your Tittle E do's just grow up already and go pay some taxes"
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