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It's where you have fucked every woman that you know. That moment when you realize you have screwed every hoe at the party, and now you must move on to the inanimate objects of the scene. You have fucked the walls, the sofa, the TV, the toaster, hell you've screwed the hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl at this point. You now currently understand the definition of "tired balls". What a wise person you have become. Charismatic indeed! ;)
"You see Ferdinand at the party last night? Dude screwed the whole hole house literally. Property damage was so bad from the cock wielding party shark the government had to pay for the land to be terraformed into a recognizable state. Dat foo must of had some tired balls!.... hehe... Yeah... penis rage!"
by TGSUnderground (Also my YT) December 01, 2013
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