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a phrase used to describe and forewarn a girl who is giving you a blow job or hand job that you are about to cum. most often it is a phrase said just before "blast off" while receiving a blow job, however, it can also be used as ejaculation takes place if you want the girl to be somewhat suprised.

because the term is not very studly, it is not meant to be used to impress the girl, but just just to lighten the mood of a sexual encounter and make the sex more lighthearted, casual, or less romantic by adding some dumb comedy to things.
girl: i love sucking your huge cock!

boy: mmmh! blow me!

girl: how long are you going to make me do this?!?!

boy: not much longer babe, its time to shine!

girl: OOOOH, give it all to me! i love tasting your jizz!
by OC lovers August 02, 2009
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