1. An act of racing against time or a deadline to establish how fast a certain goal can be covered or done.

2. A form of competition in which an athlete races against the clock to establish how fast he or she can cover a given distance.

NOTE: This is also the same thing as Time Trial.
1. I'm not going through a time attack on anything unless I'm sure I know what I'm doing.

2. Drag Racing involves going for a time attack.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant August 19, 2009
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Japanese version of the Amercian phrase "time trial" for circuit racing.
Justin's RX-7 is mainly used for time attack runs at Laguna Seca.
by cagefreak June 4, 2006
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The name for the inflated ego of speed event drivers that compete in series such as Global Time Attack, World Time Attack Challenge, and Time Trials.
“Jake has such a big time attack ego; do you think he would ever consider wheel-to-wheel racing?”

“Nah, he’s too cool for lowly wheel-to-wheel events that have aero rules.”
by Stutututu March 14, 2022
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