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Unlike a typical internet or IRL Troll, this breed of troll has no malicious intent. They exist only to hear themselves talk. Stories and ideas flow out of their mouths like water from a broken dam with little regard for who might be listening. They are only truly harmful to those who allow themselves to be caught in the torrent, unable to break away for fear of being seen as uncaring or insensitive.
Careful when talking to Sarah. She has a tendency to be a bit of a time troll if you get her talking about cheer-leading.

Once Tom caught me by the water-cooler and spent 20 minutes talking about his weekend! I like the guy, but man he sure can be a time troll sometimes.
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by TheRealZappBrannigan July 18, 2018
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Someone who won't stop talking. Over-share about themselves, their relatives, their surgery, etc.
The guy/girl at the store/work/church won't stop time trolling me.

Every time I see (insert name), I quickly turn around before they can time troll me.
Caller ID saves me from time trolls.
by Pearl Onion July 17, 2018
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