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Rumour states that Tim McIlrath is the God of Punk Rock, having been part of bands such as Baxter, The Killing Tree and most notably Rise Against.

They say his vocal chords themselves are made of lightning and imbued with the power to change the world when combined with his breath-taking, emotive and eternally significant lyrics.

Tim's mighty scream is a force to be reckoned with due to it's incredible ability to cast waves of fury upon those who don't care for the world we live in and support war or violence in any form. However, it also has an, arguably, more important element embedded within; the power to save the lives of teenagers in need. This is a power that has been displayed year upon year since the founding of Rise Against (originally Transistor Revolt) in 2001.

Tim is an animal rights activist, a strict vegetarian and active promoter of PETA.
Tim McIlrath's voice is so Godly!
Holy shit! Tim McIlrath was amazing at the Rise Against gig last night!
by UltimateJeb July 02, 2011
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