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A turn of phrase coined by The Tight Arts Appreciation Society used to describe a person who is a veritable expert in the art of frugality.

A play on words, it acts to quash the stigma attached to a person who would normally be referred to in a vulgar manner as a tight arse. The word arse in this instance, is changed to arts – a phonetical similarity yet with an intentionally stark reference in meaning. Unlike the personal traits of a Tight Arse, the Tight Artist’s sparing and economical ways are celebrated and revered. It is a hearty attempt to upturn the negative connotations attached to those who are thrifty.

Through this process of destigmatisation, a Tight Artist, by definition, becomes a person who saves money in creative ways. This is a rather more pleasing and palatable definition in comparison to that of the vulgarly named tight arse – someone disliked for being tight, stingy or miserly with their money.

A Tight Artist is not stingy. Just savvy. Because saving money is an artform.
"Wow, Greg! That's a great savings idea. You are a true Tight Artist! Thanks."

How did you afford that? Man - You're obviously a Tight Artist. I wish I could be smarter with my money.
by Pennnnnnny May 26, 2010
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