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The phrase 'tight like a night' was secretly developed in 1943 by exiled German scientists working on the Manhattan Project. It is used in order to convey a situation of exponential, overwhelming, and ultimate tightness.

While akin to tight like prom night, tight like a night conveys way more tightness in a personal way by allowing the user the freedom to envision their ownparagon of tightness. (which may or may not have been prom night because you have to see your grandma and have like 80 picture taken and that's not tight)

'tight like a motherfuckin night' can also be used in extreme circumstances if TLAN proves insufficient
"Hey Bro, If I ever jumped out of the 80th story of an exploding building and caught a frisbee in my mouth while having a five-way with four hot bisexual chicks on the way down and then landed safely in a huge pile of super chronic weed and winning scratch-off tickets that Snoop Dogg had put there... that'd be tight like a night"

"Speed 2 starring Sandra Bullock and the disease known as AIDS are definitely not tight like a night"
by Randy Tighterbop September 17, 2006
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