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You might have pulled a Tiger Woops if:

You sleep with a bunch of people other than your wife and everyone finds out about it.

You're playing 18 holes a day, but not on the golf course.

Hundreds of people or more look up to you and suddenly your dirty deeds are brought to light, and parents have to explain to their children that what they see you doing is completely unacceptable.
"Dang, my drop-dead gorgeous wife found out I was cheating on her and beat me with my own golf club. I tried using drugs to take away the pain and I crashed my car. THEN the news stations found out about it and drug my name through the mud."

"Sounds like you've pulled a classic Tiger Woops might want to consider paying your wife millions of dollars so she won't divorce you for being an absolute fool."
by 23e764 December 03, 2009
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