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Tiger in a Boat
1. a substitute for "The Life of Pi" book or movie.

2. "Bullshit," a lie, or an exaggeration

1. an embellishment of a story

2. to dismiss, to disregard

Acronym: TiaB

Note: I have not seen, nor read, Life a Pi.
1. "Do you wanna go see Tiger in a Boat? It's good, I swear. It won all of the gold globes."

2. "What a bunch of Tiger in a Boat!" "What a crock pot of Tiger in a Boat!"

1."There is no god if you continue telling me this boring story. Give me the Tiger in a Boat version."

1. "You can't Tiger in a Boat me like that. We're besties, and it's the honest truth."
by chudthechud January 23, 2013
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