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Defined by the usage of a colleague's tie to floss one's anal region.

The tie should ideally have been removed from the victim before flossing commences however in extreme circumstances flossing can be achieved while still attached.

Correct flossing procedure is as follows;

1. tie should be slipped inside the front of ones pants (trousers)

2. tie should be posted between legs

3. one hand should be slipped inside the back of one's pants and the tie end should be located

4. tie end should be pulled out of the back of one's pants

If correctly executed, one end of the tie should be visible exiting the front of one's pants, and the other end should be visible exiting from the back of one's pants.

the action is completed by taking each end of the tie in a different hand and pulling alternately upwards, thus causing the tie to repeatedly brush past one's anus resulting in the transfer of odor and in some cases liquid and physical matter to the said tie.

If deemed necessary, the tie may also be posted inside one's under-garments, resulting in a more offensive nasal experience once the tie is removed.

caution: the 'inside-under-garment' method can result in heavy chaffing and in extreme cases testicle ripping.
Bystander 1: That gentleman stole my muffin!

Bystander 2: I suggest you demonstrate your unease at this occurance by tie flossing with his tie.

Bystander 1: Jolly good idea
by tiebandit September 07, 2011
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