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A school where Teen pregnancy makes you popular. The girls in this school have no clue how to close their legs and it's not uncommon for them to date their best friends ex's. As long as you've got a dick an are good at sports, you are treated like a god. If you've got a vagina, welll then you might as well drink bleach. The freshmen and sophomores assume that they run the school, which makes the upperclassmen pissed, but they don't give enough fucks to do anything about it. Cheating is also common due to the various whores that run around the halls with their ass and tits hanging out, claiming themselves as "hot." They infact smell like tunafish and plaster their makeup on, but fail to notice because they are all stuck up one another's asses. All the guys are gay for one another and constantly smack each other's asses in the halls, gym, bathroom, classroom etc. Everyone in this school is a fake ass bitch and stab, even their best friends, in the back. Word about things travel fast in this school, getting twisted along the way. Drugs are commonly passed throughout the halls during the school day, not making it hard to get "hooked up." Stay away from this school at all costs, who knows what diseases are in the air inside that school.
Stranger: Where did you go to school?
Ti Local: Ticonderoga High School.
Stranger: So a strip club.
Ti Local: .....basically.
by Scum bag March 19, 2017
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