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Having a Tibeau in your life is something you should appreciate every single day. He´s unique and special and he will care for you no matter what. He´s the sweetest, most adorable guy in the entire world. He´s talented, cute, protective, loyal, trusting, smart and a beautiful person. Tibeaus are really friendly and are good to have conversations with, he´ll always be there for you when you need him and you should cherish him and love him. He is really good at photography and will probably blow your mind once you´ve seen his photos. When it comes to loving, he is extremely good at it, he will try his best and show you he loves you even when you´re going through a hard time he´ll fight for you no matter what. He often jokingly insults you, but you always gotte know he´s just kidding. He´s an amazing singer even though he doesn´t want to admit it, and he doesn´t sing for everyone because he´s kind of shy in a really cute way. If you ever meet a Tibeau, make sure you never lose him because he´s hard to find, but truly something special and worth so much.
Person 1: How´s that new classmate called? I think he´s pretty cute.
Person 2: He´s called Tibeau
Person 1: Well that explains why he´s so freaking hot
by 03-07-2017 May 28, 2018
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