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A white girl/woman who has made it her job to be the voice of Thugs. She is exactly what they call the THUGGISH RUGGISH BONE. She uses her bait(bone) to "talk" to these badass muthaphuckas. And We do wait for the 1st of the month to get that C.R.E.A.M. Dolla Dolla Billz ya'll. Can sniff out a Ruff Ryder or Ride or Die bitch, at da club scene to know who's REAL TALK. It doesnt take a genius it just takes a down ass bitch that loves African Americans more than her own race. she will pop a cap if you step on her ICY WHITES, BROWN BAGGIN DEUCE DEUCES AINT NUTTIN

BUT A G THANG, IN WHICH THE "THE WHISPERER"did as she entered the world outta of the birth canal. And on the for real note she always pours one out for her homies in that Gangsta Lean. Spliffs,Spades,Stackin. She understands that sellin is just part of the game to stay alive. Thugs sell only. they get there "fix" by that cream. not that crack. You cant be a drug deala and a drug doer. Dont hate the playa hate the world, all excused pass on tipping,swimming,and getting lice. Dont ya'll wanna be A THUG NOW!? Let us have our Hennesey,our president,our month....FEBRUARY.....HOLLA, if you dont know, now ya now nigga... Next time you buy a grape Fanta pour a lil out for your homie in that gangsta lean...."Juice,Do you got it??"-Bishop
Thank you for the one woman who is not the color of our skin but knows it like no other and appreciates,never hates. Keep right,keep it tight..... ONE! RIP Aaliyah
"I didn't choose the THUG LIFE,THE THUG LIFE CHOSE ME"- cuint say it better than the late Tupac Shakur.

It is yourz!!!!, in the palm of your hand!

Thug Whisperer, white on my fly ass kix,white skin, but all thug, and I speak for them all
by K-C Unit February 19, 2013
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