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Thug: a young criminal who is aggressive.

Prank: a joke or trick that makes someone feel foolish.

Thug Pranked: A joke or trick that makes a person feel foolish performed by a person, place or thing. Thug pranks can be performed by people, cars, dogs, tables and anything else that you can name.

Usually, it is a prank performed by a young aggressive person who wants to have a good laugh.
The other day, I was sitting in a pizza shop waiting to thug prank someone. A business man came into the pizza shop and ordered a piece of pizza and a drink. The guy dropped off the piece of pizza at his table and walked to the other side of the restaurant to get his drink.

I walked over to his spot and took a big ass bite outta his piece of pizza. I took another big ass bite from his pizza and went back to my seat. When he returned to his seat, he looked at his pizza and said, "What the fuck!" and looked confused.

That fool got THUG PRANKED!
by Random Adventures November 12, 2009
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