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When you want to say "fuck that shit", you just "throw to the onion rings".
1. I don't like miley cryus, throw to the onion rings

2. I don't like justin beber because his voice look like idiot, throw to the onion rings

3. I don't like hannah montana because this is suck and that for children, throw to the onion rings

4. I don't like celebrity picture in this site, throw to onion rings that picture

5. i don't like something like negative to katie o'brien, throw to onion ring of their negative behavior

6. I don't like to find the new face look like, throw to onion ring their faces

7. I don't like that fucking hannah montana movie, throw to onion ring for that

8. Finally, I don't like when find another boyfriend again and again, throw to onion ring for that

9. One more thing, I don't like peyton manning's face, throw to onion ring

PS: I was think if i could tried something new coming, I need to pay attention. This is my pro and con what I feeling like which one is better good face and memory. Check it out

-Matthew Lee
by PeytonManning'sFaceIdiot February 07, 2010
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