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A series of films created by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, starring Pegg and Nick Frost in the lead roles. Each film takes a specific film genre and makes and effort to Pilgrimize it. The first two installments, "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz," Pilgrimize zombie movies and buddy cop/action movies, respectively. The currently in-production third film, "The World's End" is supposed to apply the Pilgrimization technique to sci-fi films.

The name is derived from the fact the each film, in addition to featuring copious amounts of blood, features of different flavour of Cornetto ice cream. Red Strawberry for "Shaun of the Dead," Blue Classico for "Hot Fuzz," and Mint-Green Chocolate Chip for the upcoming "The World's End" (tennative).

Also known as the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy.
As an expert on all things lulzy, I declare Edgar Wright's Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy to be the most effective attempt at genre satire to date.
by ZimMan2 December 11, 2010
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