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A Three Way Third Wheel is a loving union made between three individuals of platonic desire. This relationship can take the form of two girls, one boy or more preferably two boys and one girl. The connection made by these three Love Birds is Strong, flexible but undoubtably enduring. Like any other relationship a Three Way Third Wheel can have it's up and downs, testing the members ability to forgive and move on. But what makes a Three Way Third Wheel so special is that regardless of ones blinded misguided doings, grudges and resentment is absent of view. Forgiveness is instead bestowed upon the wrong doer thus strengthening the wheels integrity and forever reassuring the everlasting love and devotion each member has and always will have for the their two soul mates of endless desire.
"Caitlin, Josh I'm sorry for being a twat. I meant no harm... I was just joking"

"Oh Tahan there is no hate in my mind"

"Thanks guys. Hey Josh What time is it"

"Three Way Third Wheel High Five Time"
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