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A suburb in Troy, NY called Lansingburgh home to thots. Otherwise known as its a place where white trash and ghettoness can live in peace and harmony. A place where 12 year old girls can give blowjobs in the schools bathrooms and get pregnant by 15.Its also a home to bisexual girls because they turn gay and straight every other day. A place where skaters are free to ride in the run-down Price Chopper and smoke weed. A place that has the highest HIV and AIDS in the area. Yes, Thot Central
1. Thot Central High is my Alma Mater.
2. I'm Moving to Thot Central because I'll be accepted no matter what.
3. Man, when I rode through Thot Central I saw girls twerking in front of Price Chopper for free food stamps.

4. "Mom I'm Pregnant. 'I told you to stay outta Thot Central Emily!"
by king26 December 04, 2013
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