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Thomas Bradley Conner is over 5 ft tall. His favorite thing todo is watch gay porn. He loves to spend long summer nights with his dark lover Darius Bethal in the hot tub listening to Kenny Cheasney. If you enjoy long afternoons at the race dreaming about large male organs, you are probably a Thomas Bradley Conner. I think of Thomas Bradley Conner every time i chug orange juice after brushing my teeth because im certain that he has the same taste in his mouth 24/7 because of all male sex he has had.
I am gay just like Thomas Bradley Conner.

Instead of making it rain in the club with money, i believe i shall pay them in.....GUM just like Thomas Bradley Conner.

My dogs butt itches, he must have caught something from Thomas Bradley Conner.
by Sparkly Panda Cupcake October 12, 2011
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