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It is that person who just shows up everywhere you go. He or she has not been invited, but they listen to your conversation and keep showing up. You never ask them to do anything, but at some point they do something useful, like cover your movie ticket, or the cost of snack. You do not really want to hang out with that person but for some reason, they are always around. You ask your other two friends who invited the fourth person and neither of them have invited that person either.

Also know as a tag along.
Allison: (whispers) Did you invite Drew to hang with us?
Bobbi: (whispers) Not me. I thought s/he was your friend? Didn't you invite him/her?
Courtney: (whispers) I thought s/he was your friend. I did not invite him/her.
Allison: (whispers) At least s/he brought snacks. I guess s/he is our third best friend. We will let him/her stick around. Allison: (yelling toward Drew) Hey Drew, can you bring some red vines next time?
by Bento Mommy May 30, 2018
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