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The idea that you must fight corruption (and probably) toasters in any capacity you have, particularly when they occur in government. The calling card of those opposing the toaster revolution, a cause that some say isn't really about kitchen appliances but about hostile governments, evil walrii and vikings under Norway battling for world domination.
The evil walrii, said to already have subversively conquered most of North america, and if they wanted to, Mexico, are secretly infamous for installing fake robot governments and hiding the truth about Canada.
Violent uprisings widely and inaccurately publicized as "elections" or "world summits" demonstrate the public's growing concern at the threat the walrii pose to both humanity and the eyes (they are hideous).
It has been claimed that the protester formerly known as Sir James and now just as James, is a real man, and the leader of the opposition to the toaster revolution, there is much debate on the issue and "what it all means".
Of those that believe he exists some say he is a gentleman and a scholar, others denounce him as merely being drunk.
No one knows where he was born, his age, or his favorite color. Even under torture this information would not be revealed by he or his "associates", or randomly selected members of the public. The mystery remains.
Man, idea or nonsense the name is central in the "toaster revolution" as a symbol against corruption, deceit and all things evil in government and kitchenware stores.
"The protester formerly known as Sir James and now just as James"
"Not again!"

"These toaster lover sure are lazy!"

"It's just too long!"

"What is?"

"The name. I mean the protester formerly known as SI- Dammit Frank!"


"Never mind let's just take over this joint."


"OK. In the name of the for-"


"God dammit!"
by Not afraid of the truth September 08, 2011
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