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A neighborhood in lower Manhattan that houses Karlie Kloss. Rich people live here. People who live here often send their kids to private schools such as: St. Luke's, VCS, City and Country, LREI, Grace Church & Friends Seminary.. (also known as the "DISC" schools) The difference between the West Village (TWV) and other areas of Manhattan is the modesty. TWV has it, the upper east side and TriBeCa don't. In TWV people are more low key with they're bragging. Subtly name dropping, label always facing out, etc. Baisically, if you live in TWV You're Rich af & you almost definitely go to a private school. (but this is New York City... Everybody goes to a private school.)
"Woah did you see that girl, she had on Lulu Lemon Leggings & a Celine Bag." "Yeah she must live in the west village"
by Can you go now? yes? yes. June 24, 2015
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