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The Unspoken Mind came to be from F.E.A.R. Inc. Having much to say yet always keeping it in, many years of bottled up emotions finally came spilling out. But not in the form that many would think, no his words were much more then the norm. Intertwining words in such a way that could make a reader take many different looks at his writing and yet that was just the beginning of it all. Suppressing all of those emotions over the years and now finding an outlet his creative disillusions would burst out in ways unimaginable. As in most cases when something seems to go right for someone there is always something that comes in the path and takes a person off course. As was the case with The Unspoken Mind, entering a downward spiral in 2009 which only seemed to grow deeper and deeper. From depression, to heartache, to mourning, to enlightenment 2009 was one hell of a ride. At the end only to realize that he was better off sleeping through 2009 if it were possible. Now in 2010 focused more than ever, starting out fresh and with a clear mind a bit of a rocky start but sure enough getting to where he belongs in time. With the mind flowing again and the manipulations manifesting out of the deepest parts within him. A new and interesting side will be interesting to see what comes from it all. Along with the writing comes a series of manipulations on the mind and many new titles coming soon. Stay tuned to see what becomes of The Unspoken Mind.
Jekyll & Hyde, F.E.A.R. inc., The Unspoken Mind
by The Unspoken Mind October 06, 2010
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