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The Ugh People started coming into existence between 2008 and 2009.

These kinds of people are inhibitors who merely exist to annoy the hard working and diligent.

While they are unknown by exact recognition, they tend to emanate their auroras of progress oppressiveness.

Not surprisingly, they were first found by high school students in an English class.

In short, The Ugh People are a populace set in place to distract the aspiring scholar. It is possible these are organic infestations of Senioritis but no plausible evidence has been suggested that confers such a suspicion.
1. Girl: It's those Ugh People again *sigh*

Boy: Yeah I saw them in class today.

2. Never let the Ugh People get you down, just keep moving forward.
by PandaUnion April 19, 2010
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