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The UN Posse - pr. n. A local ska band from New Rochelle composed of Brian Gabel (vocals), Sebastien Feuga (guitar), Case Peters (Trumpet), Michael Grogan (Lead Trumpet), Sheri Aronowitz (Saxophone), Jeremy Orenstein (drums), Ben Orenstein (bass guitar), Athena Lo (Trombone), Alex Miller (Keyboards) and David Harary (Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet). Previous members who eventually quit include Matt Baum (Alto & Tenor Saxophone) and Sam Weiller (Alto & Baritone sax). The band was formed by the initial quartet of Case Peters, Seb Feuga, Ben & Jeremy Orenstein. Soon, the band looked to expand its horn section and recruited David Harary on bass clarinet (until they could get their hands on a Baritone saxophone), Michael Grogan on trumpet, and Matt Baum, who joined shortly after he witnessed their awesomeness at their first show, a Battle of the Bands at Harbor Island in Mamaroneck, in which they ended up winning first place and a handful of new fans. The UN Posse continued to play shows throughout the year 07-08 - some of their favorite gigs include Don Hill's in the city, Cafe at NRHS, and street shows in front of the Habitat for Humanity store on Main St. in New Rochelle. Their most popular tracks include:

Evolution of the Dollar

Pardon Me (While I Skank)


Too Many Words (Not Enough Music)

Other songs they like to cover include:

9mm and a 3 piece suit - catch 22

Everything Went Numb - Streetlight Manifesto

Come On Eileen - Save Ferris

The band is still well alive and looking forward to a great year in 2008-09. The UN Posse will be playing plenty of shows this year, might be adding a few members permanently to replace their missing graduated seniors who went off to college (including Case, Ben, Athena, Sheri and Brian). The new anticipated members include - Clelie Feuga, Seb's sister, on bass, cello and trombone, Sammy Spiegel on vocals, keyboards and violin, Djovan Thomas on guitar and viola, Aldo Mendoza on guitar, vocals and alto saxophone, and Shira Adams on drums and clarinet. The band will be opening for such bands as Big D this year. They suggest you coem see them and ahve a "fuckin awesome time listening to ska music," as a fan has described her experience at one of the most recent UN Posse shows, played at Don Hills, one of their favorite regular gigs.

The senior members will be coming back home for a few shows on thanksgiving adn at other times during the year. Those who have stayed back home will focus on composing lots of new material and working on "a shitload of new covers, especially material written by Tomas Kalnoky," according to Seb, when asked in a recent interview for People magazine.

Before the summer of 2008 the band released an 8 track EP for their upcoming album, "Orange Peach Mango," including an intro track depicting a party scene and an outro track consisting of Seb singing the French National Anthem and showing his french pride. The songs on the album appear in this order:

1. Intro
2. Evolution of the Dollar
3. Pardon Me (While I Skank)
4. Oliver
5. Crank the Skank
6. Let Go
7. Too Many Words (Not Enough Music)
8. La Marseillaise as sung by Sébastien Feuga

The band's main influences include: Streetlight Manifesto, Operation Ivy, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Catch 22, Gimp, Save Ferris, The Offspring, Madness, Westbound Train, Suburban Legends, Goldfinger, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dropkick Murphys and Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution.
Dude! It was sick! I was at a The UN Posse show the other day, they opened for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Less Than Jake! I didn't really know them, I honestly jsut came to see LTJ, but I gotta tell you--these guys are awesome. You should seriously check the EP they just released, it's called Orange Peach Mango.
by iamtheguitaristoftheunposse September 24, 2008
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