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noun: A truly hideous and unflattering outfit worn by all the blonde-haired biddies of Towson University in Maryland. It is primarily worn during the winter months, yet is extremely impractical as it does not provide significant warmth to the wearer.

The Towson University Uniform consists of a Northface jacket, Ugg boots, black tights (without anything over them) and a Towson University T-shirt.

The Towson University Uniform may be supplemented by a variety of accessories including but not limited to: a Vera Bradley handbag or purse, 4-inch jean skirt, cameltoe, trendy decorative scarf, or oversized sunglasses.

The Towson University Uniform speaks volumes about the thickheadedness of some girls. You look fucking retarded! Have some respect for yourself and put some pants on for god's sake; no one wants to see your cameltoe! Ugg boots are a crime against nature. It's remarkable how many random girls at a public school could be wearing the same thing at any given time.
Marco: "Don't you think that girl would be so much more attractive if she wasn't wearing the Towson University Uniform?"

Sean: "Definitely, those ugg boots are ugly as shit and that cameltoe really isn't doing anything for me."
by heylookitsmarco3 March 25, 2009
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