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A post recession initiative set out by the 1% lead by Tom Perkins. With a net worth of over $8 Billion and growing, Tom has set out to save the 1% by declaring that the richest 1% are more equal than the rest of the 99%. Therefore, a person paying their fair share of taxes should get that equally in votes. Thus, eroding any opportunity of an American Dream and deeming the rest of the 99% unimportant. Some theories around the Initiative of the 1% are giving Tom Perkins all the money in the world and have him playfully wave it in the presence of starving children while dropping off the worlds currency to other billionaires who follow in his footsteps. Tom has devoted his life to money and feels that the Initiative to save the 1% ties in to how valued you are as a human being.
Person A: It's crazy to see in the future that there are less and less scientists and more and more McDonalds factory workers making ends meat.

Person B: True. The news just wrote a story about The Tom Perkins Initiative and it's role in turning all College Institutions in the last 30 years into Corporations to enhance shareholder value.
by oj.did.itzzz February 19, 2014
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