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Often times shortened to TREOS. I invented a new word for them Genreless, this groups influence ranges from Post-Hardcore to New Wave/Goth Rock and from Electronica to Metal they pull from so many directions that if you do not like them you do not like music.You get the feeling that they play with their music rather than just playing music. Their line up Keyboard/vocals,rhythm guitar/vocals,Bass guitar/vocals,drums and lead guitar .Yes three fucking vocalist and it works for some reason?? Experimental and somewhat pretentious at times you can't help but listen to each track over and over because their lyrics are pretty heavy, they were pretty short lived they released their self titled EP in 2004 and then their best work between the heart and the synapse in 2005 and their final album in 2007 the earth sings mi fa mi. Their are some rumblings every now and then of a reunion but I say waiting for another TREOs release is like waiting for Evil Dead 4...
Guy 1: Man Nickleback's music is so heartfelt and amazingly deep!!!

Guy 2: You need to checkout The Receiving End Of Sirens and broaden your horizons before you completely de-volve....

Stage Directions: Guy 1 hands CD to Neanderthal and walks away... Guy 2 looks puzzled begins chewing on CD.
by jase1987 June 23, 2010
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