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Theory, The Prometheus Pro•me•theus The•or•y
Noun Adv. (Prom-thyüs thE-rE)

1 The philosophy that helping others brings torture and pain.

2 In party with Sod’s Law, in that everything that goes wrong has been caused by the Prometheus Theory.

3 The epitome of the unfairness of life.
1 Beggar: Money, Sir?
Man in Suit: Sorry... Prometheus Theory.

2 Man: Why did that anvil fall from the sky.
Man 2: Sod's Law?
Man 3: Naw, the Prometheus Theory.

3 Man: I got fired today.
Woman: Well, thats not good, I just went grocery shopping.
(Lights go out)
Man: Oh, so we can't... pay the bills?
Woman: Thats about the gist of it.
by Lord Shawn September 12, 2005
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