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A series of sexual activities in a certain order.

1. Kissing (French) (GED)
- Once you have French Kissed you have passed.
2. Groping (Feeling Up) (PSAT)
- Once both parties have felt all 'Fun" parts you have passed.
3. Fingering and/or Hand Job (Hands Only) (ACT)
- Once both parties have preformed for a 1 minute each you have passed.
4. Going Down and/or Blow Job (Oral Sex) (SAT)
- Once oral has been preformed for 3 minutes on each person you have passed. (Save time and do a 69!)
5. Anal Sex (Use a Rubber) (AP)
- Go for 5 minutes and you have passed, but don't cum early!
6. Normal Sex (Missionary & Cowboy) (LSAT)
- Once you get one partner to orgasm you have passed, most likely the guy.
7. Orgasm (Climax) (MCAT)
- Once you get the other partner to orgasm you have passed, most likely the girl. This is all or nothing! Do what you must to make her climax! If she doesn't cum, you don't pass the MCATs!

Once you have completed all the steps in order, you can say you have completed The Princeton Review.
Wow! I can't believe you finished The Princeton Review in 20 minutes! It took me at least 45 minutes, and I almost failed the MCATs.
by ExpertEntrepreneur August 03, 2011
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