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The most bad ass duo ever to walk on planet Earth. They are devastatingly handsome and get any woman they want. Everywhere they go red carpets are rolled out in their honor and girls flock to them in order to witness their glorious presence.

The Miller Brothers are blessed with brilliance, confidence and charm. From Wisconsin, they are extremely proud of who and what they are.
A girl cannot do any better than one of the "The Miller Brothers".

If you have ever dated or slept with one of "The Miller Brothers", you have come as close as Heaven as you will ever get.

I would love to date one of the "The Miller Brothers". - Every hot girl on the planet.

Native Americans once foretold a legend of two god-like brothers, and they named them "The Miller Brothers", that would walk on their land one day. They would say prayers to their gods to keep their women at bay, needless to say their prayer efforts were in vain due to "The Miller Brothers" receiving all of their prayers.
by Rocketmen February 11, 2010
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