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Named after 21st Century sandwich visionary Jarrod Douglas McCluskey. (7/11/1985 - Present.)
A method of cutting any square/rectangular shaped sandwich - be it toasted or fresh - into two deliberately unequal portions. Starting from ABOVE one corner, move the knife across the bread towards just BELOW the opposing corner, the slicer must exercise full caution to ensure the creation of two delicious triangles; One acute, and one obtuse.

The purpose of the McCluskey Slice is so that the consumer can first enjoy the smaller (acute) triangle, while feeling safe in the knowledge that He/She still has the larger (obtuse) triangle left to devour.
You better cut that mother fucken' sandwich using the McCluskey Slice.

This one time, my Ex-Mother cut my sandwich into to perfectly equal triangles . . .
by Johnny Dragon March 18, 2013
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