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The Main Board is the most deluded place on the whole of the innernet, making it extremely amusing for both Saints fans and the rest of the world alike.
The Main Board consists of typical fred such as the one below!

Poster 1: I heard Paul Allen is coming to Saints
Poster 2: hcdajfu
Poster 3: O'RLY
Poster 4: Wow this is great we will be the best team in the world in no time!
Poster 5: We're going to be better than Pompey again!
Poster 6: That'll shut Corp Ho up!
Poster 7: w00t!
Poster 8: I'm going to take over saints.
Poster 9: Lets just focus on our next game for now!
Poster 10: OK, I think we will win!
by wwwwwwwwww November 14, 2007
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